Get paid to reduce your carbon footprint!

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Make an investment with a Firefly Heat Pump you will get paid to reduce your carbon footprint as the savings are so great it will pay you back.

Firefly heat pumps are locally designed for our South African climate using only the most highly rated components around the world to bring you the most efficient range of heat pumps. Manufactured to our specifications, our entire range of heat pumps use 410a ozone friendly gas and each unite has been rigorously tested in the state of the art climate control testing facility to ensure Firefly heat pumps are of the highest quality and the most energy efficient.

Save on your electricity bill as Firefly Domestic and Commercial Heat Pumps will reduce your hot water expenses between 50% and 80% in average on your water heating costs.

Enhance your savings by adding our Firefly Solar Thermal system and you could store this energy even more efficiently in the Firefly Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks.


Firefly domestic heat pumps

Domestic Heatpump

Time to brag. At first, well over 30 heat pump companies were registered with Eskom. Thirteen companies found the funding and made it through to the SABS tests. Only one company submitted all three of its domestic range of heat pump and passed first time on the Eskom and SABS tests. In short, we believe we have the highest performing heat pump range in South Africa. Currently Firefly domestic heat pumps are the highest selling brand of domestic heat pumps on the South African market.

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Firefly commercial heat pump

Firefly commercial heatpump

Through extensive research, development and testing, Firefly commercial heat pumps are at the top of the commercial heat pump industry. We’ve designed our heat pumps to be robust and efficient to meet all your commercial hot water requirements. Over the last three years our distribution base has growing and now 95% of our supply is to the trade, this should tell you something.

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Firefly swimming pool heat pumpsss hp

Sick of paying monthly maintenance costs on your pool while you can only swim comfortably a few months per year? Spoil yourself with this luxury product and throw fantastic pool parties all year round for your family and friends. Anywhere, anytime in our country, you can use your pool or spa.

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